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Los Angeles


The importance of Connection

By Khari Brandes

November 2021

It took me a really long time to secure my internship for this semester (I didn’t start until almost October!) and I was really down about it and stressed out. Finally, after about 5 weeks in LA, I secured 3 offers at once, which brought on a whole new level of stress. It took me a week to decide after consulting heavily with friends and families,  and spending days in and of themselves putting thought to it. Finally, I made my decision, and started the following week. I got there, and I kind of hated it, despite loving my boss who was a Syracuse alum. I really wanted to get out of there, worried I’d made the wrong decision. After two days there, I found out that my boss was leaving his position at the wider company, which was another big, difficult shift to deal with, but also an opportunity. I knew I didn’t want to stay with the company, and I didn’t want to intern at an independent venture. Having stayed in contact with one of the
other people who offered me an internship, I got back in touch, and I was actually able to pivot and intern with them. From my first day there, in mid-October, to now, I’ve loved it entirely, and feel thankful for the good luck I’ve had, which I made by maximizing my connections and keeping them in an authentic way.