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Los Angeles


Hannah’s Los Angeles Semester

By Hannah Resnick

February 2022

I’m interning for Groundswell Productions – providing coverage, creating daily buzz sheets with the day’s news, and meeting with industry professionals about upcoming projects. Participating in the SULA Semester over the summer and now again in the spring has given me the opportunity to learn from inspiring professionals, and I’ve learned so much from the professors I’ve had here. In Glenn Rigberg’s class we had the chance to pitch our “agency” to a working actor. Steve Bradbury and his guest speakers taught us about new technologies including VR and NFTs. I am currently taking Linda Ellman’s capstone course where I’ve learned about industry trends and am working on constructing an idea to solve an industry problem. Lastly, the networking opportunities have been incredible – I attended the premiere of “I Want You Back” with other students in the program, and not only was it so much fun, but we also talked to so many people who worked on the movie. This unique program has given me hands-on experience in the industry while learning from professionals in different parts of the industry.