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Los Angeles

Emergency Plan


Emergency Plan Guidelines

Below are guidelines to help you prepare for an emergency while participating in the SULA Semester.  Earthquakes and wildfires are a part of living in the LA area.  While unlikely, the possibility remains that an event serious enough to require your evacuation from your residence may occur with little advance notice. Thus, we recommend that all students prepare a “Go Bag” including at least three days of clothes, medications, critical documents, cell phone charger, bottled water, protein bars or other snacks. We also recommend purchasing a flashlight and leaving a pair of shoes under or close by your bed.  Included below are guidelines for both earthquakes and wildfires.  Please review and keep handy while studying in the LA area.


  • If wildfires are reported, be sure to follow the local news and reports on social media for the latest information on the location of the fires and their possible impact. Be sure to check with your internship before travelling there to make sure they will be open for business. If you believe that there is no safe route to your internship, then let them know that you will not be able to get there that day. You are responsible for evaluating your own situation and deciding on a course of action with your safety first as a priority.
  • The SULA Semester staff will also be following the progress of any wildfires and will advise all students accordingly by email, text or LiveSafe with available public information. Please promptly read any messages and reply to check-in requests received via LiveSafe. Please note that our staff does NOT have access to special information not otherwise available to the public. We will, however, use our experience as residents of LA to provide you with the best available public information.
  • If AVA Toluca Hills is impacted and the LA Fire Department or the Police Department determine that residents are required to evacuate, all students will be asked to proceed to the SULA Center with their “go bag” provided the area around the SULA Center is not also impacted. In the unlikely event that the SULA Center is also impacted, we advise students to proceed to the nearest Evacuation Facility as designated by the city. If a student is not living at AVA Toluca Hills and is impacted by a wildfire, please contact SULA Semester staff so we can determine how we might assist you.
  • SULA Semester staff also reserves the right to order your evacuation if authorities recommend (but do not mandate) an evacuation. Under these conditions, we will evaluate all available public information and determine a course of action. As with mandated evacuations, if we ask you to leave your residence you are asked to come to the SULA Center with your “Go Bag.”
  • Please be aware that SULA Semester staff will be in regular contact with support personnel from main campus in Syracuse during a crisis. The University will work diligently to promote your safety and to afford the opportunity to continue your academic work.


  • Los Angeles does have the occasional earthquake that can be unsettling but does negligible damage. However, if there is a serious earthquake take steps to evaluate your immediate safety and act accordingly. If the building you are occupying has suffered extensive damage then vacate right away to an open space away from any buildings.
  • If you are away from your residence you should consider sheltering in place until the scope of the damage is known and you can determine whether it is safe to return home.
  • In the event of a major earthquake, students will be asked to promptly read any messages and reply to check-in requests received via LiveSafe.
  • Please refer to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for procedures before and after an earthquake.
  • There are emergency supply kits in each apartment at AVA Toluca Hills being rented under the University’s Master Lease. If you have rented an apartment on your own at AVA Toluca Hills or are not living at AVA we recommend that you purchase an emergency supply kit at SOS Survival in Van Nuys. You can do this in person or online at
  • The University will support the immediate needs of anyone who needs to evacuate due to earthquake damage. Once your immediate safety is addressed, please contact SULA Semester staff (if you have not already “checked in” via LiveSafe) and we will assist as conditions allow.


The Syracuse University Los Angeles Semester Program utilizes LifeSafe software to send notifications during emergency events. Students may receive notifications via text, email and/or push notification.

Students may choose to download the LiveSafe app (via their app store).

  • Register using your phone number & SYR email
  • Search for & select Syracuse University Los Angeles
  • You may choose to activate your location services

Students who do not have the app will receive notifications via text and/or email.

Students with the app will receive notifications via text, email and/or push notification.

All students participating in an SULA Semester program are expected to:

  • Promptly read any messages received via LiveSafe.
  • Promptly respond to “check in” notices received via LiveSafe.
  • Maintain a working smartphone throughout the program and keep the device charged and accessible throughout the program.
  • Notify the program Director or Assistant Director in the event their mobile device becomes permanently inaccessible (i.e. lost or stolen)
  • Notify the Program Director or Assistant Director in the event that their mobile phone number changes.
  • Act in the best interest of their safety upon receiving notice of a critical event in their area.


Effective Dec 2019