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Los Angeles


Feeling like the Highest in the Room

As an aspiring music video director, I have landed just about the coolest job possible—interning for esteemed director Dave Meyers. It’s an incredibly humbling experience to work for someone with such valuable knowledge and so much talent. I’ve had the chance to work on set with Mr. Meyers and my passion for making videos has […]

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Surfs Up

As soon as I was accepted into the SULA program, I had numerous people ask me if I would be surfing during my time in California. First, I thought that was such a weird question but then I would always chuckle in response – I am the least coordinated, most unbalanced person I know. Up […]

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Pursuing Personal Projects

It’s officially been one month since I’ve arrived in LA and thus far the semester has been an incredible experience, but also insanely busy. Between working long days, taking a full schedule of classes, completing homework, and attending all the incredible events that SULA has in store for us, there has never been a dull […]

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The Beautiful City of Los Angeles

Despite only having been in Los Angeles for four weeks, I have fallen completely in love with the city! In fact, although this may seem extremely hyperbolic, as soon I arrived at LAX and took the drive through the city to AVA Toluca Hills, I knew that LA and I were a perfect match. What’s […]

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SULA is the Jumper Cable for Your Career

It was two weeks into my SULA experience. My car had just gotten tuned up after a long trip across the country. I’m leaving my apartment to pick up some groceries when, *click* *click* *click* , something’s not right. I pull the keys out of the ignition, and try again. *Click* *click*click* . Nothing. My […]

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Take advantage of what your professors offer you!

This past week, TV Bob could bring a few students with him to an Emmys nominee reception, so I immediately signed up to go. I had no idea what this event was going to be, or who was going to be there, but I still signed up. Attending large events like this offered me so […]

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Living Out West

I want to highlight an aspect of this city’s culture that stands out to me. There is a mindset that many people living out west seem to have in common and it’s a combination of being both relaxed and productive. The warm weather encourages people to start their days earlier while the close proximity to […]

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Soul Place

I officially arrived to Los Angeles two weeks ago. I arrived ready for new experiences, journeys, & situations. However, the feeling of familiarity came back to me as I drove towards the Santa Monica Mountains, through Calabasas where I was born and lived for the first 8 years of my life. In Calabasas, my fondest […]

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What is networking?

When I first started on my SULA adventure, I was hit with one word over and over again: networking. Everyone I met, from professors, to past students, to working professionals had one thing to say: its all about who you know. At first, this stressed me out. I was never the most talkative person and […]

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