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Los Angeles


Together Apart

In today’s world of illness, social and political unrest, and isolation, it is more important than ever to create meaningful connections. When I initially found out about the SULA Fall semester going online, I questioned whether or not to defer for what would be my final semester. However, after considering all of my options, I […]

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The View Is Amazing

The four walls I’ve kept myself in during my LA semester on the east coast have been a great reminder to myself that the world is in quite troubling times right now. Due to the ongoing pandemic, I was able to come to terms with not going out to LA before we were even told. […]

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Balancing Classes and Internships from Home

This semester has been unique, to say the least. Being virtual has provided unique challenges, as well as unique opportunities. Almost six weeks into my virtual semester seems like a good time to check-in and see how far I have come. I am taking varying classes: Com law, TV Nation, Directors on Directing, and my […]

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Advice For Succeeding In Online Class 

Due to COVID, we are all online this semester which is something new for a lot of us. I have taken online classes before but usually 1 or 2 at a time… not all 5. One might think that this makes all the classes easy, and that you can breeze through the semester. This is […]

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My experience interning at an animation company for the first time!

I can remember how anxious I was coming in to work at the small animation company Oddbot. Even though I was not interning at a bigger company, just the fact that I would be working alongside people that wake up every day to go there and produce Muppet Babies was pretty anxiety-inducing. I was not […]

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Celebrity Family Feud with TV Bob

On top of the many exciting activities that SULA has to offer its students, my favorite trip that I’ve had the opportunity to take was seeing a taping of two episodes of Celebrity Family Feud as a part of TV Nation (TRF 471) with Professor Boden (TV Bob). I really enjoy working in studio settings, […]

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Exceeding Expectations

As someone who is always eager to learn, Syracuse University’s Los Angeles semester is the education I have been waiting for since the start of my college career. Here in the LA program, I am finally learning the skills necessary for the career path I have had in sight since I was eleven years old. […]

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Sound Mind

I’m a sound guy, and I’m discovering that Los Angeles is my kind of city. Never before in my life have I been able to walk into a store entirely dedicated to selling professional sound recording equipment, or have I seen as many film and tv productions everywhere I look. There’s an addicting quality to […]

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As someone who has grown up on the east coast, I have dealt with traffic here and there, but I have always heard mythical legends about the daunting traffic that takes place on the west coast of the country. My sister lived in LA when I was younger, and so she passed on stories to […]

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Finding Opportunities to Learn in LA

When I first arrived in LA, it felt as if every day I was being handed a new list of things I have to see and experience in order to make the most of my semester. From family and friends to professors and internship coordinators, everyone seemed to have an opinion on how I should […]

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