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Los Angeles


Working Virtually, Is It Worth It? 100% Yes

By Valentina Cacciamani

May 2021

At the start of my semester and internships, I was anxious to see how I would connect to others through Zoom. I wished I could be in Los Angeles, not only to experience the city but to personally meet my professors and supervisors.  Now that I am nearing the end of this incredible experience, I have to say that there are many benefits to working remotely. I’ve been able to meet other executives from different departments, work in groups for several research assignments, and bond with my co-workers.

Working in the development department for both my internships has been very eye-opening, not only to the process itself but with the content that is currently made. I’ve been able to read amazing books that haven’t been published yet and recommend great scripts. Since I am constantly reading and analyzing, I have to admit that being at home has made the job more flexible and comfortable. At first, it was hard to strike a balance between work and SULA classes, but I am grateful for the time management skills I have developed since. Another pro of working virtually is being able to focus on your mental health, which is incredibly important since the pandemic started.

Aside from the amazing opportunities my internships have brought me, I am also very grateful for everything I have learned and the people I have met through my SULA courses. Not only have I been able to meet industry professionals and ask them questions, but I have also been able to get a stronger sense of what I want to pursue in my career. While I’ve realized that this semester wasn’t what I initially expected, it was 100% worth it as I got to challenge myself personally and professionally.