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Los Angeles


Whose Line Is It Anyway

By Emily Lundin

March 2019

The most interesting part of my SULA experience besides the thought-provoking classes and hands-on internships have definitely been the live tapings I have attended. This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend a taping of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, hosted by Aisha Tyler, along with 14 of my peers. This was my first time experiencing live improv and I could not believe how entertaining it was. The cast kept the jokes coming even when off-camera, making sure to communicate with the audience and even poke fun at the camera crew. We even got to stay after and hop on stage and pretend we were the hosts, calling out the next improv prompt. I cannot express how informative and unique the tapings are and how easy SULA makes it to attend them. I am looking forward to American Idol and Americas Got Talent in the coming months!