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Los Angeles


Weathering the Storm

By Sarah Butts

November 2020

My friends who partook in the SULA semester before me often joked about how there comes a point for each SULA student when they feel truly challenged. If you had told me my SULA moment was going to come in the form of a wildly unexpected concussion, I would have never believed you. But there I was a few weeks ago, severely concussed. I was unable to read and write much less look at a screen for classes, homework and two internships. After having a friend email my professors, I began panicking. In a completely online world, how was I supposed to keep up when being online was the main thing I was banned from doing? In my week off, I was forced to focus on my health and recovery. Never before in my life had I had this much time just to think. It gave me time to reflect on how I want the rest of the semester to go and how to get the most out of my SULA experience. While it was difficult to not worry about my internships and classwork I was missing, I was able to put that away and come up with a plan for how to navigate the rest of this semester. I looked at my situation with fresh eyes and reset my goals for the semester. My SULA professors and internship bosses were so accommodating, transitioning back to being online was great. No one would have guessed this would have happened, but I was able to come back from it stronger. Life is weird and will throw you a curveball when you least expect it, something 2020 has taught us all. Learning how to navigate and handle these curveballs has been an unexpected gift of this semester. To any future or current students reading this going through their own personal crisis during their SULA semester, you too can weather the storm.