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Los Angeles


Travelling the Country from My Room

By Ben Grube

May 2021

This obviously wasn’t exactly the experience I had planned when I signed up for the SULA Program, but that doesn’t mean I’m not getting most of the same experience. While I still get some heavy FOMO, especially in Professor Ellman’s Capstone class, where we would’ve been taking trips around Los Angeles to different offices to meet our guests in person rather than over Zoom, there’s still been plenty of opportunity.

One thing that I am grateful for is the ability to bring in guests that aren’t based in Los Angeles. While a majority of our guests and the people I’ve met have been based in Los Angeles, I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from all over America, from New York, to Seattle, and plenty of other locations. Guests that normally wouldn’t be available to talk to us due to busy schedules are now able to be present, giving us even more opportunities with people that are based in LA, but have busy schedules.

Overall, while I do get a bit of stress over the wrench that COVID has thrown in my plans, I am still grateful for the opportunity. I’ve learned about booming industries in places like Nashville and Atlanta, while also staying privy to the comings and goings of the hubs of the entertainment industry in New York and LA. While I would’ve loved to start my Capstone Class travelling down Sunset Boulevard, meeting people from Netflix, CAA, and countless other high-profile companies, the Zoom World has allowed me to expand my view beyond LA, while still getting as much of the experience as COVID allows.