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Los Angeles


Together Apart

By Amanda Maloney

October 2020

In today’s world of illness, social and political unrest, and isolation, it is more important than ever to create meaningful connections. When I initially found out about the SULA Fall semester going online, I questioned whether or not to defer for what would be my final semester. However, after considering all of my options, I realized that working remotely would give me a unique opportunity: to network with far more people than I would otherwise have the opportunity to meet. Rather than having to find a time that works for multiple people to meet somewhere, it would be much easier to meet people virtually over Zoom. Prior to my classes starting, I reached out to each of my professors in order to introduce myself. I was able to gain insight into the class, and explain what I hoped to learn and experience. I wanted to make myself memorable, despite being a small box on a professor’s computer screen. In classes where we have had guest speakers, I have often reached out to thank them for their time, and ask any questions I was not able to ask before. When told to sign up for mentors, I chose five people in the industry, each with a different background and experience level, in order to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Not only did I hope to learn from these wonderful people and gain more insight into their work, but I also wanted to meet more people prior to my move to Los Angeles this coming January. Finally, taking classes remotely means no drive time, which gives me more free hours in the day. I decided to utilize this extra time by taking on two internships. Both internship coordinators have done everything they can to help me get the most out of the experience, despite not being in the office. I have already gotten so much out of this SULA semester, and I am forever grateful for the advice and time shared by those that I’ve met with. Although this is a crazy, unprecedented time, we can choose to let it inhibit us, or allow it to drive us and help us in our efforts to forge new relationships.