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Los Angeles


The Virtual Experience I Never Knew I Needed  

By Hanna Dunakin

October 2020

SULA was the reason I chose to go to Syracuse University. Since freshman year I have been preparing and waiting for my semester at SULA. Unfortunately, that experience got altered because of the unforeseen pandemic. Although I may not be on the SULA campus, or Los Angeles for that matter, the program itself has not been disappointing at all. What we lost from not being able to go to Los Angeles, we gained from the dozens of guest speakers we have had in just a few weeks. We have more opportunities to meet with executives because it’s virtual, so their schedules are more flexible. Yes, being a college student, or any student, is very difficult and stressful today but the difficulty of remote classes hasn’t taken away from the privilege of still being immersed in the entertainment industry. I may have never imagined my SULA semester, and my last semester at Syracuse, to have gone this way, but just like in the entertainment industry, there are many obstacles, and no matter how much you plan, things don’t always workout 100% of the time.