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Los Angeles


The Two Faces of Life in Los Angeles

By Leo Tully

October 2018

Living in Los Angeles is somewhat of a mixed bag. On the one hand, everything feels just a little bit harder than it would be in other places. Drives are a little bit longer, price tags are a little bit higher and parking is a little bit more scarce. Everything takes just a little more effort than I was used to coming from a mid-sized town back on the east coast. It’s not all negatives, though. Almost the opposite, in fact. Sure, your drives are a little bit longer but the entire time you’re driving to work, the movies, a grocery store, or really anywhere, you’re absolutely overwhelmed by just how real everything feels. You’re staring at signs for studios you’ve grown up admiring and all of a sudden that studio is a real place that you can really apply for and potentially get a real job. Everything just comes to life and makes it feel all it takes for you to win your personal career lottery is being in the right place and a work ethic that makes it clear that you belong here.