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Los Angeles


The SULA Experience

By Wyatt Dennis

April 2022

Coming into this semester, I was very anxious. As a senior that is a dual major in both Newhouse and the iSchool, I have been constantly flipping back and forth between wanting to pursue IT and wanting to be in the entertainment industry, with not a lot of time left to decide. Coming to LA was my last-ditch effort to see if the film business was right for me, and I can now say with confidence, that it definitely is. Being in Los Angeles has completely relit my passion for the industry and has reminded me of why I wanted to apply to Newhouse in the first place. I am currently interning with Audio Design Desk, which is a company creating a software that makes it easier to edit audio for videos. I am tasked with editing marketing videos for their social media accounts, which is a lot of fun because I can get real creative. I have met a lot of great people at my internship, and it is cool working for a relatively new startup and seeing how they are trying to make a name for themselves within the market. On top of that, classes this semester have been super fun, with my favorite being acting with Barbara Deutsch. Overall, I could not be happier with my decision to do SULA, and I can’t wait to graduate and start working full-time in Los Angeles!