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Los Angeles


The Shift from the East to the West

By Victoria Worcester

February 2019

Growing up in Connecticut, I have always imagined eventually moving to California once I graduated. I knew that I desired a career in the entertainment industry, that once I learned of the Syracuse University Los Angeles Program, I immediately applied. Now on my third week here, I have grasped the concept of Los Angeles being a foreign country. It is no Europe or an overseas program, but because of the difference in culture of my hometown and California, I feel that I am being exposed to different experiences. What I value most about California is that one can be outside being active and adventurous at all times of the day. The views of the multiple hikes that I have taken are absolutely breathtaking, along with the multiple options of activities to do daily. I tried my first poke bowl two weeks ago, which is ultimately sushi in a bowl, and it is now one of my favorite foods to eat. When I was living in Connecticut last summer, I had to take the train into the city for my internship, being a three hour round trip. Now on the way to my current internship at Live Nation Entertainment, I can drive, which allows me to operate on my own time and schedule. Each morning I drive to work, I get to enjoy the surroundings that are composed of the warm weather and beautiful palm trees. For my entire life, I have been used to experiencing the four seasons, that being in California feels like a five-month long summer. My SULA experience is going to be a memory that I will never forget.