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Los Angeles


 The Perfect Final Chapter

By Erin Malone

March 2019

When I first arrived on the west coast, my only points of reference were movie scenes and posts I’d liked on Instagram. Although the opportunity to go to Los Angeles for the semester sounded exciting, the decision to finish my degree in LA was honestly a difficult choice. As a last semester senior at Syracuse, the idea of leaving the place I’ve called home for three and a half years was bittersweet. Even though it has only been a little over a month, I already know I made the right choice in doing the Syracuse University Los Angeles Semester.

A significant aspect of SULA that I did not expect was the sense of community within the program.  Having transferred into Newhouse as a second-semester sophomore, I often felt like I missed many opportunities in my major because I was playing catch up. The SULA semester has given me a chance to have an intensive experience in which I feel I am getting back a lot of what I missed in the past.  This program has given me the opportunity to surround myself with people that share my passions in the entertainment industry. Everywhere you go in LA you will meet someone who either went to Syracuse or works with someone from Newhouse. This city bleeds Orange thanks to all of the amazing alumni, which makes it feel like another home away from home.

Living and working in Los Angeles has been a great transition into the workforce. Having the chance to connect with Syracuse alumni that were in my shoes a few years ago has made me feel reassured while navigating through so many different possible career paths.  Through my internship and networking events, I have had a chance to have first-hand experiences and conversations with people working in television and film that would never be possible on campus in Syracuse. When I graduate from Syracuse University in May, my college experience will honestly feel complete thanks to the SULA semester.