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Los Angeles


The La La Land of Possibility

By Marlowe Reardon

October 2018

Between growing up in the Albany, NY area and going to college at SU, I never had much opportunity to leave the Northeast, let alone the East Coast. I had dreamt of spending a semester in Los Angeles since my freshman year, and it’s still unbelievable to me that I’m here. Upon landing at LAX in August, I have tried to do and see as much as possible. Although traffic can be tough and parking is a hassle, it is so important to get out and explore while in LA. Some of my favorite experiences so far have been going to Zuma Beach in Malibu, attending a Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium, and seeing John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl. One of my favorite places in Los Angeles to visit is Amoeba Music on Sunset Boulevard. If you have a few hours to spare and love all forms of media, I highly suggested going to Amoeba and shuffling through their endless rows of records, CDs, movies, and merchandise. It’s hard for me to believe I’ve been living in LA for almost two months and only have two more months left. I plan to continue to explore the great state of California and take up every opportunity that comes my way. My first time on the West Coast has surpassed my expectations and I hope to be back in the near future.