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Los Angeles


Take Risks, Make Memories

By Katherine Kokeas 

November 2018

Have never been much of a risk taker. I like to think I am, but generally, I play it safe. Two semesters ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the Los Angeles semester. I thought it sounded great, and being a year in the future, I agreed to go. I don’t think he or any of my friends thought I would. They expected me to stay on campus, in the amazing, yet protective, bubble that Syracuse offers. I applied to SULA on a whim, not expecting to be accepted.

A week before I left for Los Angeles, I had no internship. I was not packed. Deadlines were approaching. The week I was scheduled to leave, I randomly received a phone call asking to interview for an internship I had applied for months earlier. Between the time I received the phone call, one interview and two hours later, I had secured an internship with Conan at Warner Brothers.

You never know who the next person you talk to will know. You never know what chances might come your way. The next person you meet may be your boss in the industry one day. Or you might be theirs. So take every opportunity you get. Answer that phone call. Apply to a job you do not believe you are qualified for, you just might surprise yourself. Do not be afraid to tell people what your passions are, because those around you are exactly the people who will help you achieve them.

The LA Semester is a non-stop whirlwind of amazing opportunities. Whether you’re cruising down the highway, blasting music with friends after a long beach day, or getting the opportunity to work for your idol. When “walking to work” means stepping foot on the lot that so many of my favorite childhood movies were filmed on, and I get to show up there every day. Maybe its attending a premier of a show you’ve been dying to see, or maybe it’s just watching the sunset with some great people you never would have met any other way.

It is kind of crazy that traveling over two thousand miles from Syracuse brought me closer to my school than ever before.