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Los Angeles


Take advantage of what your professors offer you!

By Rebecca Schmidt

October 2019

This past week, TV Bob could bring a few students with him to an Emmys nominee reception, so I immediately signed up to go. I had no idea what this event was going to be, or who was going to be there, but I still signed up. Attending large events like this offered me so much unexpected opportunity, everyone in the room is important and could have a friend of a friend looking for someone just like you. People love offering advice when they find out you’re a student, and you should take it! Everyone understands how hard it is to get into the business, so I was always offered advice and their business card. Everyone I met emphasized to stay in touch and reach out if I ever needed help.

Not only was it great going around talking to people on our own, but by having an amazing professor like TV Bob he was able to introduce us to the other governors of the Emmys and the other people that were able to make the show happen. Since I was interested in the interactive performance they had, I asked one of the governors about it and instead of just talking about it, he took us to a side room where all these amazing people had organized and setup the performance. This event not only introduced me to so many caring and amazing people in the industry, but it taught me to always ask questions because you never know where it can take you. I am very glad I signed up to go with TV Bob and appreciate how much all the professors in SULA try to give us opportunities to meet talented people.