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Los Angeles


Soul Place

By Josie Strick

October 2019

I officially arrived to Los Angeles two weeks ago. I arrived ready for new experiences, journeys, & situations. However, the feeling of familiarity came back to me as I drove towards the Santa Monica Mountains, through Calabasas where I was born and lived for the first 8 years of my life. In Calabasas, my fondest memories were made. My first memories that are attached with the deepest part of my soul, as it was a time of innocence and childhood bursting with imagination. I lived in an area called Bell Canyon, and I believe that growing up here for the early part of my childhood shaped me into who I am today, mostly because it taught me how to appreciate nature and live peacefully within it. I spent time creating, laughing, spending time with family and friends. So it was very tough when we had to move away to New York, one of the toughest transitions of my life. I spent the past 12 years dreaming what it would be like to move back to Los Angeles, to re-connect with the younger part of my soul. Since moving back, I’ve learned that there’s a sense of home and familiarity mixed with the adjustment period of being in a new place. Some of my expectations based on childhood memories have been challenged, and some has been re-awakened. I feel like parts of my younger self are being re-awakened, that intense burst of creativity and imagination that has faded away in New York. The city has stayed the same, and it has also changed. Even if Los Angeles isn’t the exact same place that I imagined in my younger brain, that’s kind of exciting. My older self now gets to explore this city in a different way, while also re-connecting with younger parts of my soul.