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Los Angeles


Silver Linings

By François Boers

November 2020

As we find ourselves reaching the end of 2020 it’s safe to say we’ve been more and more conditioned to be pessimist and now which all the drastic changes in our academic lives we’ve been propelled into uncharted territory. But now that the majority of the semester has passed I’ve found that the SULA program in its unique state has offered opportunities that they couldn’t have guaranteed if operating traditionally. In all of my classes I was able to meet a variety of extremely qualified, talented and notable members of the industry whom in regular times would have been too busy or unable to attend any classes. Although zoom does have its limitations it also creates opportunities to record classes in order to revisit lectures or Q&A’s. A great concern of mine before the semester started was rooted in how Zoom would change the working and learning dynamics with professors. I can say with confidence that the hard workin gand constantly adapting staff has used zoom to their advantage and created an online spaces that motivates students and teachers to engage in collaboration, sharing critiques.