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Los Angeles


Pursuing Personal Projects

By Jennifer Skulski

October 2019

It’s officially been one month since I’ve arrived in LA and thus far the semester has been an incredible experience, but also insanely busy. Between working long days, taking a full schedule of classes, completing homework, and attending all the incredible events that SULA has in store for us, there has never been a dull moment. And not to mention, the 3 hours a day I spend in a car making my way to and from Santa Monica when interning. With that all being said, I find that it is extremely important to take some time to yourself even after a 13-hour day to enjoy the simple things in life. With all the creativity in the LA air, having a personal creative project on the side of your work and course work can be a fun way to express yourself while also being exciting to pursue. After my internship, I love to hunt down the best spots to unwind and enjoy the beautiful LA sunsets and that’s where my inspiration struck.

On a Wednesday night, I camped out on a hill and took a picture of the beginning of the sunset. I took one picture every minute in order to capture how the colors of the sky changed and evolved over time. I did this for 54 minutes, thus leaving me with 54 different pictures of the beautiful sky. I then went to Photoshop where I spliced all the pictures together in vertical strips from left to right to showcase the sunset’s progression. I then did the same project but with horizonal strips which show the sky changing from twilight to nightfall as you look upwards. By combining these two photos together, I created the final image shown above, creating a checkerboard effect in which the sky evolves from the yellowness of the bottom left corner to the black sky of the top right.

This project was extremely fun and satisfying to complete. It fulfilled a creative bug inside of me that wanted to pursue a project different from those I get to do at my internship and in my classes. Overall, I would recommend finding a creative project of your own and going out to pursue it! It can be a great way to unwind from a busy day or busy week as well as a great opportunity to get out there and explore the beauty of LA!