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Los Angeles


Professionals for Professors

By Alexandra Kopsidas

November 2018

When I was preparing for my SULA semester, I was so excited thinking about all the things to do in Los Angeles: beaches, museums, hiking, nightlife, movie premieres, etc. But something I almost forgot about was my classes! They took a back seat in my mind to all the exciting things LA has to offer. But now that I’m halfway through my semester, I could not be more in love with my classes, and the professors! I have had some great professors in Syracuse, but they are nothing like the professors here at SULA. The professors here are so professional and driven, teaching on the side of their successful careers in the entertainment industry. I have made so many great connections just by taking a bunch of classes because the teachers truly are so successful and professional in their fields. They want you to succeed because they know how the industry works and how difficult it can be to get a job, while loving what you do. I feel like I am learning from the best and am excited to keep in contact with them in the future!