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Los Angeles


Preparing for the Future

By Kayla Frost

November 2020

The SULA semester so far has taught me more about the entertainment industry and possible future career paths than any other prior semester at Newhouse because it is so focused on explicit teachings about future career paths and sell-ability or hire-ability of content and of yourself as a creator. Two of the most outstanding pieces of advice or teachings that I have really clung onto have been:

Be informed – ignorance is not the lack of knowledge, but the choice to not seek out knowledge in a world where it is always at our fingertips. The industry revolves around information and being in the know, whether you are a buyer or a seller, and it is of utmost important to read the trades and be up to date on content and names that are big players.

Networking is one of the most important tools and it does not start after graduation, but starts well before leaving SU. The students surrounding you will all be entering the industry at the same time, and it is key to make connections and genuine friendships and working relationships with those you will one day be in business with.

This semester has been an incredible learning experience with realistic industry opportunities and both professor and guest speakers that are experienced and well-informed while also being mindful of student’s interests and futures.