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Los Angeles


My Time At Celebrity Family Feud

By Jake Niebuhr

March 2020

This weekend I was able to attend a taping of Celebrity Family Feud with TV Bob through the TV Nation course. As a big fan of the show, I was really excited to get the chance to see how the show is filmed and what goes on behind the scenes that gets cut. This trip ended up exceeding all my expectations solely because of TV Bob. With him at our sides, we were given the full VIP treatment and were allowed to do a full tour of CBS studio including a peek at the sets for The Bold and the Beautiful and The Price Is Right, as well as getting the chance to see what goes on in the sound department. Before the show, while we were going on the tour, I was most excited to see art from Survivor, a favorite show of mine, and was able to get a good look at a room filled with Survivor logos. The show itself was fantastic and getting to watch Steve Harvey was well worth the trip. In between takes, he took the time to answer audience questions and tell stories. This was something he didn’t have to do, but he wanted every person to feel that they got a full experience. I think it says a lot about him, knowing what success can do to a person, that he took the time to have fun with the audience even though he stated several times he was getting hungry. After the show, TV Bob took us up onto the stage to take a picture. We were stopped by a woman who questioned who we were, but one “hello” from TV Bob and she let us go on our way! On the stage I got the chance to fill another dream of mine – I got to hit the Family Feud buzzer. As we left, our group ran into Ray Romano and got a picture with him. Finally, TV Bob let us come to the lunch reserved for the Family Feud crew. The day was absolutely unforgettable and made me really excited about career prospects. As much as I love scripted content and it is where I think I want to work, seeing the process of filming an unscripted show was extremely fun and has broadened my horizons. I had an incredible time and hope to attend more tapings in the future!