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Los Angeles


My First “Real” California Experience

September 2013 | By Adam Cohen

When everybody ask the question, “Is this your first time in California?” I always respond, “Yes”. But the truth is I was here when I was 10 years old for a weekend and was extremely sick with the flu all weekend. After that point I decided that I did not like California and I was never coming back. However, after giving it another chance I have fallen in love with it. Of course, there have been a few hiccups such as my car arriving two weeks late then breaking down shortly after its arrival, or going the wrong way on the 101 in rush hour traffic and not realizing your mistake until you are miles down the road.

All of these minor problems are immediately forgotten when you can experience sunsets like this every night:
Syracuse University Los Angeles Semester

Or views like these:
Syracuse University Los Angeles Semester
Syracuse University Los Angeles Semester
With the immense amount of people, cars and traffic that you experience commuting to and from work every day or even just driving down the street to the local super market, it is extremely humbling and relaxing to be able to drive no more than thirty minutes and be completely excluded from all of craziness of LA. That is one of this things I love the most about this city. There is so much opportunity in regards to networking and developing a successful career but also places (much like in the pictures above) to relax, unwind and completely disconnect yourself from the madness of everyday life.