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Los Angeles


My experience interning at an animation company for the first time!

By Claudia P. García Á.

April 2020

I can remember how anxious I was coming in to work at the small animation company Oddbot. Even though I was not interning at a bigger company, just the fact that I would be working alongside people that wake up every day to go there and produce Muppet Babies was pretty anxiety-inducing. I was not told what I would be doing by the time I would start, so I was hoping everything would go well and that I would feel comfortable. As soon as I entered the office, I knew that I would be having fun. The office is decorated with a lot of Muppet related decorations, Post-Its, and funny pictures. I was given a tour by my supervisor, and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. I was even invited to a creative call meeting a few minutes after I was done with the tour! After that day, I was told I was welcomed to go to as many meetings as I could and wanted to see how everything works. I got a desk and a computer to work on setting up a database with records of all the assets that Oddbot had used for the episodes in Muppet Babies!


It has been a couple weeks now and I already feel like Oddbot is my home. I have great friends, a lovely desk roommate, I’m surrounded by dogs, and I feel included in their team. Even if I wake up super tired and I have to wait and take long bus rides, I still look forward to going to Oddbot. I actually arrive an hour before I officially start, and I hate leaving so early. I have contributed to meetings, and I have talked to my coworkers about what they do. I was invited to attend a delivery meeting to check for last-minute errors and managed to catch one! I even managed to stand in for my desk roommate one day to do her job while she was away for the day. I was invited to a goodbye lunch for a longtime coworker that was moving to Nickelodeon. I’m happy I got the opportunity to work there this semester. I’m definitely learning a lot, and I’m making new friends and befriending all the dogs! And what I genuinely thank them for is helping me discover that I really do prefer working in small and united animation companies. I love making friends that have the same interests as me. And being in a small place makes it easier to get to know everyone. As well as be able to work on almost everything. I’m not opposed to working in big companies, like Cartoon Network, but I do prefer working in a company where everyone is close to everyone that they are their own family. Nothing makes me feel happier than working somewhere, where your employers genuinely care about you and can be your friends too. I hope I can work for them after I graduate!