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Los Angeles


Living Out West

By Sammy Steiner

October 2019

I want to highlight an aspect of this city’s culture that stands out to me. There is a mindset that many people living out west seem to have in common and it’s a combination of being both relaxed and productive. The warm weather encourages people to start their days earlier while the close proximity to the Pacific Ocean attracts people with a spirit for the outdoors. The people that make up this city all contribute to its overall vibe. Since starting my SULA semester, I have allowed myself to be picked up by this wave and find myself going to bed earlier, eating healthier and spending more time outside. I am going to put in an effort to ensure this routine stays intact for my time out west. This semester, I also find myself interning at a non-profit organization that seeks to create experiences that encourage people to make a difference in their community and in their lives. It is very inspiring to be surrounded by people who are passionate about creating positive social change and I think these people live out west.