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Los Angeles



By Dylan Hardin

October 2020

I have absolutely no regrets in choosing the SULA program. Although it is much different than anything I am used to, building a schedule around an internship has proven to be invaluable. I am absolutely loving my time at Pulse Music Group. I’m not doing anything much different than previous A&R internships, but having the acclaimed artists that Pulse has on their roster makes everything feel very new and exciting. The team allows me to be creative because they trust my ear and my passion, which is all I could ask for. Some goals I have before I finish would be to continue getting close on a professional and friendly level with the four main folks I report to. I also want to get the chance to make an impression on about 4 or 5 other employees that are higher up at the company. The SULA program has given me time to learn, which is something I place a lot of value on and do not take for granted. Although Zoom classes are very challenging at times for me to keep up, the content in my classes (BAN454 in particular) has been amazing. The guest speakers we have in that class offer fresh perspectives, and being able to follow-up with people that are in fields I’m interested in is a must. Acting for non-actors is a highlight as well and reminds me of how much this virus serves as a barrier to human connection.