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Los Angeles


Learn That You and Your Work are Valuable

By Haley Diaz

November 2020

I will admit at first I was really worried about SULA going entirely virtual. I was constantly worrying until I actually started my classes. Not only has SULA provided opportunities to get to know the entertainment industry more, it has allowed me to gain a different perspective from different ends of the spectrum. I obtained two internships, one thanks to the help of the wonderful SULA faculty, and the other from my own personal connections. Balancing two internships with school is something I never thought I’d be able to do, but here I am surpassing my own expectations. The internships that SULA connects with are incredibly hands on, even for our virtual circumstances. I have learned what it’s like to be appreciated creatively in both the T.V. and Film Development process, which is my area of focus in my internships. To have your opinions and input valued and appreciated even as an intern is a game changer. In an industry that has a lot of ego to go around, it is so important to know your worth and know that you don’t have to lower your standards in order to be a part of something great. I have learned both in and out of my SULA classrooms, that in difficult circumstances, there is no shame in standing up for yourself for equal opportunities. I think this trait is extremely important to have when you start your entry-level career. Just because you’re a runner for a film set, getting coffee for an executive, or just simply completing busy work does not mean that your job is any less valuable than that of a tenured individual.