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Los Angeles


LA’s Healthy Food Agenda

By Madelyn Geltch

March 2019

I am not going to lie. I come from a family of unhealthy eaters. We eat whatever we want, whenever we want. Everyone always tells me “it will catch up with you someday”. Well for my parents, that wasn’t until their late 40s. So, I have some time to enjoy my sweets and greasy foods. Coming to LA, I knew that people ate better here. I was excited to try that life style out and see if I could actually eat better. First, let me explain something. I am extremely picky. I can’t help it. I don’t eat adventurous things. I’ve never had seafood, nor will I ever. Why? I just can’t imagine eating something that comes from the ocean. It has taken years to get over my fear of trying new things. People still think i’m picky, but they really should have seen my menu five years ago. I ate off the kids menu til I was about 15. LA loves their vegan, organic and vegetarian restaurants. My roommates drag me to a healthy cafe at least a couple times a week, and it is so hard! I want In n Out! But no, I have to go to these cafes where it takes me literally twenty minutes to find something that looks appetizing to me. Also, let me just add that this healthy crap isn’t even cheap! SO, not only am I eating something I really hate, but its costing me more as well!! Through this painful journey of people dragging me and forcing me to eat at these healthy restaurants, I have learned one thing: Acai Bowls are pretty fantastic. It is my go to now. Pretty much the only thing I actually enjoy eating at these vegan places. Highly recommend getting one. Anyways, if you need someone to pig out with and don’t want to worry about getting judged for wanting a burger, hit me up!