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Janie Kahan’s Intern Survival Guide

By Janie Kahan

November 2018

Since starting my internship with DreamWorks Animation, I have learned so much about the industry. Use these tips to help navigate your own internship!

  1. Begin and end the day with a quick check in with your supervisor. Always ask “is there anything else I can do for you?”
  2. When you make a mistake, admit it. The sooner you ask for help the better!
  3. Executives are people too. Introduce yourself. Don’t be scared of the suit and office. They were once an intern too.
  4. Never come back from a run empty handed. Always have a plan D (because odds are plans A,B and C will fail)!
  5. Know the room. Google your co-workers before you meet them. This can help you successfully network!
  6. Never trash talk. You never know who’s sister directed that film you just saw and hated. Keep it to yourself.
  7. Play the student card. Schedule informational meetings with as many people as possible. People are more willing to meet with a student where their goal is to learn, rather then someone searching for a job.
  8. Be confident. Even if you aren’t, pretend.
  9. Over dress. Even though your office is casual, put on a nice shirt. It will show your level of professionalism.
  10. Be thankful. For every internship in the entertainment industry, there are hundreds of other students who are qualified as well. Recognize your opportunity and take It.