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Los Angeles


It Just Goes to Show You Stuff

By Cameron Marek

November 2018

The other day, on my way back home from a long day at work, I was waiting at the bus stop when a man in a Freddy Krueger costume walked by and took a photo with a family, conversing with them in fluent French. As he walked away, a man approached riding what I at first thought was a Bird scooter, but in reality was a homemade vehicle which appeared to be fashioned out of a weed eater motor and a skateboard deck. I got on the bus, which arrived ten minutes late as usual, and began the journey home. As it approached a right turn onto my street, the driver made the bold choice to remix her route and elected to turn left instead. After some helpful tips from the passengers, we found ourselves doing a three point turn in a full size bus on Cahuenga Blvd., much to the chagrin of everyone else involved. After the driver skillfully righted her course, a man sitting towards the front looked to the stranger sitting behind him and said “You know, sometimes you just get off course, but you just gotta get back on again. It’s just like life.” So, basically, I’d like to thank that particular man for changing my life by blindsiding me with that hardcore truth bomb, and I’d like to thank the city of Los Angeles for making that a pretty typical day.