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Los Angeles


Hollywood Film Awards

By Evin Figen

November 2019

As part of the many exciting activities SULA offers, I got the chance to be a seat filler at the Hollywood Film Awards held at the Beverly Hilton. Getting the opportunity to (at times literally) rub elbows with Hollywood’s finest was truly mind-blowing. Sitting among stars like Al Pacino, Charlize Theron, Olivia Wilde, and many more, was a dream come true. It was a nice reprieve from the routine of class, internship, and homework to get dressed up and be a part of this almost surreal experience. Seeing some of my favorite celebrities up close in this incredibly fancy setting and becoming a part of their world for a brief period of time felt like a once in a lifetime experience, something that I never could have imagined had I not embarked on this crazy, magical adventure. After all of the struggles and workload of this semester, the Hollywood Film Awards reminded me of what I am striving for and renewed my drive and passion for this industry. As each person went on the stage to give or receive an award, their speeches reflected their love of filmmaking. For the first time, I saw them as more than just celebrities, but as future colleagues, people who shared my passion and had a deep respect for their craft. Now, with renewed energy, I cannot wait to tackle the rest of the semester and see what the future holds for me as a young professional, equipped with all of the skills I’ve learned through the program.