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Los Angeles


Heading to SULA? Take a road trip.

By Paul Honnick

November 2018

There’s a lot to see in the 2,600-plus miles between Syracuse and Los Angeles, and you may have no better opportunity (or excuse) to make an extended cross-country trek. There’s enough restaurants, diners, museums, parks, scenery, and much more along the way that there’s never a dull moment You’ll need about one week minimum, but two-weeks will enable you to slow down and discover America. Here are a few pointers:

·       Plan and research your route carefully. This includes finding attractions and accommodations. Also, if you have some basic camping gear, you can save a lot of money staying at public campgrounds instead of hotels or motels.

·       Budget for gas, food, lodging, personal expenses, and emergencies. Also, consider traveling with a friend to share expenses.

·       Get your vehicle serviced before you depart.

·       Try to limit your daily driving to 6-8 hours per day.

·       Don’t try to cram too many stops in your itinerary. Instead, pick a few key stops, stay flexible, and talk to the locals because you will discover new places along the way.

·       Check-in with your family and friends often.

·       Resist the urge to buy souvenirs. Instead, take lots of pictures and make everyone jealous on social media (my favorite part).

·       Have fun and be safe.