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Los Angeles



By Henry Sher

April 2020

As someone who has grown up on the east coast, I have dealt with traffic here and there, but I have always heard mythical legends about the daunting traffic that takes place on the west coast of the country. My sister lived in LA when I was younger, and so she passed on stories to me about having to spend hours upon hours in bumper to bumper traffic. Now I am admittedly an aggressive Masshole driver, and so the thought of not being able to fly down the left lane was very concerning to me, but I knew I had no way around this.


Finally the day came. It was the first day of my internship, and I had to drive an hour and fifteen minutes from Burbank to Santa Monica. I checked the waze app, and it said without traffic it was a twenty five minute drive, but in prime rush hour traffic the travel time would more than quadruple. I rolled my eyes, took a deep breath, and got ready for my drive. I got onto the 405 and what do ya know… I found myself in traffic. Right as I was about to lose my mind, and scream at the driver next to me, I remember something comedian Pete Holmes once said. He said that he loves traffic because nothing is asked of you. Literally all you have to do is just sit there and remain. He recommended using that time to call an old friend or listen to a podcast. Well, I took his advice, and I called one of my friends from back. We caught up, and after I put on a podcast. The podcast captivated my thoughts, and suddenly I had forgotten I was in traffic. Dare I say, I even began to enjoy myself. This has become my new morning routine on my way to work, and I can honestly say that I now look forward to my time in traffic. So use me as a lesson. If an aggressive, angry, Boston driver, can come to love his time in traffic… You can too!