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Los Angeles



By Terrin Munawet

October 2018

I really love going out to eat in LA. I’ve left thinking “I would go back here” from almost every establishment I’ve been to so far. There’s food for every price range, occasion, culture, diet and limit to your comfort zone. Here’s a quick run-down on some of my favorites so far. Don’t forget to tip 20%.

Near The Oakwoods

Jinya Ramen – $$ -✫✫✫✫✫ Easy to order ramen with elegant outdoor seating, good for groups or a date. You will either leave with leftovers, or very full. The broth is delicious and has complexity of flavors, try the ‘Sprouting Up’ ramen. Vegetarian options.

Simplethings – $$ -✫✫✫ Comforting and simple – pick your protein, salad and sides. Great ‘American’ comfort food that’s tasty and accessible. I like their brussel sprouts.


All over LA

I recommend exploring different neighborhoods and tiny plazas for hidden gems! So many different cultural ‘towns’ like Thai Town, Koreatown, Jewish areas, South Asian, Japanese and more.

Pho Nong La Cafe – $$ -✫✫✫✫ Really delicious Vietnamese Pho (soup) or rice dishes with chicken, and appetizers like spring rolls and dumplings.

Leo’s Tacos – $ -✫✫✫ People come from far and wide for this food truck with extremely affordable options. Get some al pastor tacos and a burrito for less than $10.

J BBQ – $$ -✫✫✫✫ All you can eat at this Korean BBQ place starting at $15, just don’t leave anything left on your plate or they charge you $5! Delicious meats that you get to cook to your own preference of doneness. An involved and exciting dinner out for groups.

Papa’s Chicken – $$ -✫✫✫✫✫ Crispy fried chicken and boneless bites with Korean infused sauces. It’s delicious and great for sharing, or take-out.

Torung – $ -✫✫✫✫✫ Cash-Only Thai and Chinese late-night comfort food place in Thai Town. Really affordable and authentic tastes- get the chicken satay or the roasted duck on rice. Open until 2AM!