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Los Angeles


Finding my Place in the Media Industry between a printer and a restroom.

By Andrew Caplan

April 2019

With such dazzlingly luxurious amenities as hot tubs, a gym overlooking the San Fernando Valley, and free instant coffee, I never expected to find the most value in my SULA semester at a tiny desk jammed between a printer and the wall of my company’s restroom. But there I am, every Wednesday, at that tiny desk at the offices for Circle Television Studios in a modern-looking concrete, steel and glass building in Culver City. Between being distracted when the toilet flushes or handing employees their freshly-printed document(s), I spend my time at that desk reading scripts optioned by my company. Circle Television Studios focuses on quality content suitable for premium cable channels or streaming services. These aren’t your typically bland syndicated TV shows, these are great scripts with real intention and sometimes lofty artistic ambitions – and they come across my humble little restroom-adjacent desk. Before my SULA semester, being asked what do you want to do after graduation? would provoke an astounding (if concerning) amount of flop sweat. But now, I have a solid answer. What I’ve learned between the whirring of that printer’s toner cartridge and the rushing waters of an employee washing their hands is that I’m exactly where I want to be: developing quality scripted content for television. Furthermore, thanks to SULA’s efforts to connect students with recent graduates, I feel confident that I have both the skills and the connections necessary to take the first steps away from that tiny desk and towards a solid job on a career path I’ll genuinely enjoy. And who knows? Maybe one day I’ll get a desk on the other side of the office from the restrooms.