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Los Angeles


Feeling like the Highest in the Room

By Ben McLaughlin

November 2019

As an aspiring music video director, I have landed just about the coolest job possible—interning for esteemed director Dave Meyers. It’s an incredibly humbling experience to work for someone with such valuable knowledge and so much talent. I’ve had the chance to work on set with Mr. Meyers and my passion for making videos has been exponentially raised. I always imagined what it would be like to make it onto a professional set, but for some reason it never felt real; but, you take that first step onto set and see everyone going about their business and it starts to sink in. The idea of creating film is so magical, but once you’re in the process of actually doing it on a professional level, it just feels like a job. It’s a job, however, that you never want to stop doing. I can’t explain the feeling other than merely summarizing that I’m excited every day to go into my work and do what we do. It can be challenging and rough; but, when you’re working for something that you genuinely care about, it makes it a lot easier to push through. In some ways, the challenges actually make the job a little more tangible. You realize that genuine hard work is put into making these seemingly effortless videos. Great ideas aren’t created by one smart person in an afternoon who got inspired by a cloud. It’s filtered through dozens of people who help shape and mold the concept into something truly great. It’s comforting to know that you don’t have to do this process all by yourself and that even the greatest of directors needs the help of people like us. I was fortunate to have been on set for Travis Scotts newest video and while there were tough and long days, I was still able to take a step back and realize that I am really doing what I’ve dreamed of. It’s not as sexy or glamorous as I had dreamed, but it’s oddly more satisfying to put in this kind of work. I feel like I could be in this field for a long time and my career is here—not just a dream.