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Los Angeles


Exceeding Expectations

By Laura Lancellotti

April 2020

As someone who is always eager to learn, Syracuse University’s Los Angeles semester is the education I have been waiting for since the start of my college career. Here in the LA program, I am finally learning the skills necessary for the career path I have had in sight since I was eleven years old. The SULA professors respect my ambitions and are eager to help me achieve them; arming me with great advice, tangible skills, and guest lessons from real professionals whose wisdom will benefit my post-graduation career. In addition to organizing meetings at prestigious entertainment companies and studio lots, SULA professors mold their classes around student interest. Not only does this strategy make every class engaging, but it is incredibly satisfying to feel that each hour spent with Syracuse puts me a step closer towards my long-awaited goals. In addition to this, the program’s internship requirement is the most useful real-world preparation of my last four years, obtained with a thanks to Syracuse’s extensive alumni network. For anyone doubting the value of their college experience thus far, my advice is to give SULA a go, and feel the impact of the education you anticipated when opening your acceptance letter.