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Los Angeles


Enjoying the Vibe in LA

By Holly Wang

March 2020

I’ve been planning and looking forward to attend the SULA semester since my sophomore year. All the people who attended the program said positive things about it, and now that I’m here in LA, I’m able to prove that the good feedbacks are true! Besides the absolutely awesome weather, food, and landscapes in LA, there are just so many opportunities and adventures out here. LA has a great mix of cultures and people with different backgrounds. You are able to meet new people every single day if you want. The program also provides lots of events and tours for us to not only meet professionals in the industry and build a network, but also enjoy life here. It’s all about the balance.

Professors in my classes are professionals who are currently active and influential in the industry. They are super knowledgeable and helpful. I also really enjoy the smaller class sizes here at SULA. The company I’m currently interning at is a production company called Malka Media, where I’ve got plenty of opportunities to edit sports podcasts and social media cut downs for them. I also assist in-studio productions, like setting up cameras and lights. Everything about this job is what I’ve hoped for an internship. Overall, I’m really enjoying the vibe out here in Los Angeles.