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Los Angeles


Driving In Style

By Ian Soares

March 2020

While It’s true that my career is in acting and that I hope to continue that full-time when I graduate, my passions can also be found in cars and aviation. Alongside my high school classes I went to flight school and became a licensed pilot right before I left for college and around the same time I bought my first used sports car with summer job money and some help from the parents. I continue flying when I have time here at the airport in Van Nuys, and drive that same car through the canyons of Los Angeles instead of the Syracuse snow. I wanted an internship that put me in a production atmosphere, similar to what I had experienced as an actor on a set. And I thought if I got really lucky there would be some car-focused content being produced when I was around too. Well, I got really lucky. I’m currently working with a large YouTube Channel (just passed 3 million subs) called Donut Media, which I was a huge fan of, being a car enthusiast. As a production intern, not only am I assisting with production duties and daily ops on their sets, but I get to be surrounded by unique and iconic performance cars. What’s even better is that the people there are more than just professionals in the industry- they’re friends and diehard fans of the content we’re creating. If you’re thinking this sounds pretty surreal, it’s because it is.