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Los Angeles


Celebrity Family Feud with TV Bob

By Aidan Halligan

April 2020

On top of the many exciting activities that SULA has to offer its students, my favorite trip that I’ve had the opportunity to take was seeing a taping of two episodes of Celebrity Family Feud as a part of TV Nation (TRF 471) with Professor Boden (TV Bob). I really enjoy working in studio settings, so to see how professionals operate within a studio space was extremely cool. Before the show, TV Bob got us access inside the audio booth, where we met the announcer for the show as well as the audio team. My favorite part was getting to hear the team explain what each person in their booth does. The equipment itself was a bit overwhelming at first, but after talking with the technicians I was able to walk away with a basic understanding of what some of the equipment does in regards to the many aspects of audio recording. We were also able to peer into the control room, which was pretty cool as I would love to see myself working in a similar setting one day. During the taping we got to sit very close to the stage, and I really enjoyed getting to see how the show is produced from within the audience. Steve Harvey is extremely charismatic, and it was really interesting to see how the taping of each episode was more-or-less tailored to his stage presence, as he constantly jumps between addressing the audience and addressing the players of the game. He isn’t the type of host who just does his job and goes home, he is great at improvising jokes, naturally funny, and even answered some questions from the audience. It was really awesome to have gotten to see so much behind the scenes work at my first taping, and I can’t wait to see how other studios’ methods differ from show to show!