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Los Angeles


An Interesting Time Spent Virtually

By Danial Khan

October 2020

The entire journey to this semester has been extremely challenging; from quarantines to not knowing whether I’ll be in America for the fall semester due to the ICE student ban (that thankfully got reversed in a week), all I was hoping was to find a sense of stability this semester and thankfully, I have found that in this program. The class content and professors are consistent, although they definitely understand the limitations of virtual learning, through guest speakers and giving students opportunities to pitch their projects, there is a sense of collaboration that is taking place. And although I’m unfortunately not in Los Angeles this semester, the professors are definitely providing enough information and content that is giving me a decent picture on how life would be if I were to ever go to Los Angeles to pursue my career which in itself is a plus since I definitely wouldn’t even have had this if I did not take the SULA program.