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Los Angeles


A Typical Work Week as a SULA Student:

By Darlene Kenney

November 2018

SULA is a very busy semester and before I came, I didn’t know how I would be able to fit interning, going to classes, eating, sleeping. seeing friends, etc. into one week. However, although it’s busy, it’s definitely doable. Here is what my past work week looked like in LA:  

On Monday I had a pretty typical day at my internship where I covered an assistant’s desk and answered calls for two execs in my department. Covering the assistant’s desk usually consists of monitoring her email, scheduling meetings for execs, dialing in execs to conference calls, and answering phones. I left my internship around 5:15pm to drive to Sherman Oaks for one of my favorite classes–The Business of Development, Production & Post Production. My professor brought in former SULA students who recently graduated to give us an idea of what to expect when we graduate in a few months. 

Tuesdays are my day off at my internship! I woke up early to drive to Malibu (my favorite drive) to go surfing with a friend. I then had my capstone class at Disney Animation, where we met with multiple execs and got a tour of the building. Next I drove to Santa Monica for my Com Law class and finally got home around 10PM.  

On Wednesday I got to work on set of a new talk show that my internship department is producing! I was filling in for the audience coordinator. Tina Fey is one of the execs on the show so I even got to watch the show next to her behind the scenes.

On Thursday my department celebrated Halloween with an office decorating contest! Each team went all out and spent all day transforming an office space into a Halloween experience based on one of the shows that they work on. At the end of the day, each team got to go around and see what the other departments came up with. Unfortunately my team didn’t win (the team that won made an entire escape room–it was amazing) but it was so fun and a great bonding experience. 

I was in the office again on Friday. I delivered a hard drive to an editor in Hollywood and covered an assistants desk. The HR department also threw a pizza party for all of the interns! At the end of the day, one of my friends who is a former SULA student was visiting from New York so we grabbed coffee on the lot. Finally, I went to dinner after work with three SU grads living in LA.