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Los Angeles


A Thank You To Online Professors

By Clayton Horwitz

October 2020

The thought of my big semester in Los Angeles being delayed or pushed online used to terrify me. I was worried that I’ll never gain the same knowledge or expand my Hollywood horizons by sitting in my upstate New York apartment, thousands of miles away from where I dreamed of. Now that I’m over a month into this virtual program, I can say that lots of my woes and fears of my education not being furthered are long gone. While we aren’t getting the full big city experience, the professors have been providing lots of worldly knowledge and pushing us just as hard as they would in a normal environment. This encouragement and energy, even over a Zoom call, is enough to peak my interest and entice me to work hard. These professors are bringing the same energy that they would in person plus a little more to make sure that all of the students feel welcomed and included. Without them, things would not be flowing as smoothly as they are and I surely would not be learning as much. So hats off to you, for making our semester a lot more worthwhile than I was expecting.