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Los Angeles


A Professor’s Lasting Impact

By Ian Frazier

March 2019

In January, I read a New York Times opinion piece that argued students learn better from teachers they admire and have built relationships with. These qualities, the piece argues, make for a better learning experience and cause the teacher to have a lasting impact on the student. When thinking about this, I had a difficult time identifying if any teachers in my life had the type of profound impact on me like the kind discussed in the piece. 

Now, having spent over two months in the SULA program, I can finally and confidently say that Kip Konwiser is the teacher who has made such an impact. Professor Konwiser’s unequivocal authenticity and unflinching devotion towards his students has made for an exceptional learning experience. His class is constructed like a course in self-development; not just as professionals but as individuals. As a result, I’ve been able to grow my knowledge of the entertainment industry and refine my character simultaneously. Additionally, Professor Konwiser always reaffirms his willingness to connect with students via phone and in person. His approachability fortifies the fact that his commitment towards his students is absolute. 

Overall, I am both a better professional and individual by taking Professor Konwiser’s course at SULA. His unique teaching style and genuine personality has reinforced my faith in the idea that teachers can substantially impact their students’ lives.