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Los Angeles


A Good Day at Doomsday

By Aislyn Murray

May 2021

When I thought about the idea of a remote internship, at the top of the semester, I was worried that I wouldn’t be getting the experience I had always wanted out of senior year. What was there to learn through a screen? Would this help my future at all?

After a few months at Doomsday Entertainment, I have realized that not only am I learning through a remote internship, but I am cultivating relationships everyday through online communication. Doomsday is a smaller production company and director’s agency, with me as an intern, and four other people running the business. I have grown to not only love the people there, but the work we do, the people we represent, and the beliefs we stand for.

A lot of my day is filled with any and all tasks they need done. This ranges from visual development to putting together a reel for the directors. On one day I could be invited on a creative call, and the next be handling the file management of our productions. One of the best things about Doomsday is that they put a lot of trust in their interns, and you can tell that they really care if you aren’t getting what you want out of the internship.

At the end of the day, it has a lot to do with team work. While we are not on a set and working as a team in a hands-on setting, we are constantly communication our personal needs and the needs of the company. I will be so sad to leave Doomsday at the end of the semester, but I know the relationships I am making now will truly mean something post-grad!