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Los Angeles


Preparing for the Future

The SULA semester so far has taught me more about the entertainment industry and possible future career paths than any other prior semester at Newhouse because it is so focused on explicit teachings about future career paths and sell-ability or hire-ability of content and of yourself as a creator. Two of the most outstanding pieces […]

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Learn That You and Your Work are Valuable

I will admit at first I was really worried about SULA going entirely virtual. I was constantly worrying until I actually started my classes. Not only has SULA provided opportunities to get to know the entertainment industry more, it has allowed me to gain a different perspective from different ends of the spectrum. I obtained […]

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Weathering the Storm

My friends who partook in the SULA semester before me often joked about how there comes a point for each SULA student when they feel truly challenged. If you had told me my SULA moment was going to come in the form of a wildly unexpected concussion, I would have never believed you. But there […]

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Making the Best of it!

This is a very interesting time for everyone as we are all trying to figure out how to live around this pandemic. I’ve been looking forward to doing the SULA program since my freshman year, and although it’s not what I expected I still value the experience I’ve been given. The professors are current industry […]

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Silver Linings

As we find ourselves reaching the end of 2020 it’s safe to say we’ve been more and more conditioned to be pessimist and now which all the drastic changes in our academic lives we’ve been propelled into uncharted territory. But now that the majority of the semester has passed I’ve found that the SULA program […]

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Making The Best of Your Circumstances

It would probably be an understatement to say that this is not the Los Angeles semester that I was expecting. When I decided to go to Syracuse as a senior in high school, the SULA program was a big selling point because of my interest in entertainment, in addition to the opportunity to escape the […]

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The Virtual Experience I Never Knew I Needed  

SULA was the reason I chose to go to Syracuse University. Since freshman year I have been preparing and waiting for my semester at SULA. Unfortunately, that experience got altered because of the unforeseen pandemic. Although I may not be on the SULA campus, or Los Angeles for that matter, the program itself has not […]

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An Interesting Time Spent Virtually

The entire journey to this semester has been extremely challenging; from quarantines to not knowing whether I’ll be in America for the fall semester due to the ICE student ban (that thankfully got reversed in a week), all I was hoping was to find a sense of stability this semester and thankfully, I have found […]

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A Thank You To Online Professors

The thought of my big semester in Los Angeles being delayed or pushed online used to terrify me. I was worried that I’ll never gain the same knowledge or expand my Hollywood horizons by sitting in my upstate New York apartment, thousands of miles away from where I dreamed of. Now that I’m over a […]

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I have absolutely no regrets in choosing the SULA program. Although it is much different than anything I am used to, building a schedule around an internship has proven to be invaluable. I am absolutely loving my time at Pulse Music Group. I’m not doing anything much different than previous A&R internships, but having the acclaimed […]

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