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Los Angeles


The importance of Connection

It took me a really long time to secure my internship for this semester (I didn’t start until almost October!) and I was really down about it and stressed out. Finally, after about 5 weeks in LA, I secured 3 offers at once, which brought on a whole new level of stress. It took me […]

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Studying in Hollywood

My first week of classes in Los Angeles ended with an evening at the Hollywood Bowl to see John Williams himself conduct his most famous pieces from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, E.T., and more. It was a surreal way to begin what turned out to be a surreal semester. Almost every aspect of this semester […]

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The Comedy Scene of LA

I’ve loved comedy my whole life, and I have been waiting to turn 21 for 1 reason only, to go to comedy clubs. LA is a comedy capital of the world and so I knew what I was going to be doing when I landed on the West Coast. Quite literally the first night I […]

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An Invaluable Experience for Filmmakers 

During the SULA Semester, I interned at The Operating Room, which is an animation development company, and have a sister live-action company called New Legend. For my internship, I have done script coverage, research into people and companies, and other tasks as assigned. This semester, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, my internship has been completely […]

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LA Adventures

This semester in LA has been such a learning experience. I’m working two internships which are both so different from each other. The first one is at Chloe and Chenelle, two celebrity stylists, and the second is at MGMT. entertainment. At Chloe and Chenelle, I run pick up and drop off clothing at different showrooms […]

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West Coast Living

Hi! I’m Jenna McArdle, a Senior TRF major living in LA this Fall for Syracuse’s Los Angeles semester. I’m originally from Vermont, but I took a leave of absence from school last semester and was living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now that I’m in LA, I definitely have been appreciating its proximity to the […]

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First Day On The Job

I woke up the morning of my first day of my internship ready to take on the day and begin this new and exciting experience. Driving up the windy roads of Studio City I finally arrived at the gate of Mandalay Sports Media. There is a feeling of awe and exhilaration every time you try […]

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One of the highlights of the SULA program has been the access to the vast alumni LA network. While in LA, I have met up with numerous alumni of the Bandier Program who have welcomed me with open arms. Through the Bandier and SULA mentorship program, I have connected with professionals throughout the music industry […]

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LA Redcarpet Experience- Premier of the film Shang Chi

Living right by the Hollywood Walk of Fame I got to experience my first red carpet of the film Shang Chi. Being a Marvel fan I couldn’t believe that I got to witness an actual red carpet, one that I’ve only seen on TV. I got to see all the interviewers and photographers lined up […]

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Easy to Keep Busy

I’m a resident of California, but since I’ve started SULA I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for Los Angeles. There is always something to keep busy without here during SULA, whether it be school work or my internship at the photo studio, there’s a lot to be accomplished in the short time I’m out here […]

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