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Los Angeles

Student Leader

As the SULA Semester Program Student Leader, you will work to develop a sense of community for all students participating in the SULA Semester and be available to provide information and respond to minor student issues.



  • Organize social activities for the students (hikes, BBQs, museums visits, miniature golf, etc.) on Saturdays and/or Sundays approximately every two weeks during the semester
  • Organize one community service day during the semester.
  • Facilitate a student meet and greet prior to the Welcome Dinner.
  • Promote events via GroupMe, email, word of mouth, and flyers to ensure student attendance.
  • Send out and monitor event sign-up sheets.


  • Make SULA Staff aware of any student behavior issues or matters that may pose a safety risk.
  • Intervene and assist with minor student issues.
  • Keep well informed in order to respond to student inquiries.
  • Be willing and available to lend a helping hand to a fellow students.
  • Be familiar with the referrals and resources available to students in Los Angeles.
  • Understand emergency procedures established by SULA, so that assistance can be provided if necessary
  • Respect and maintain confidentiality
  • Know and adhere to the SULA Semester Standards of Behavior and SULA Semester Professional Protocol


  • Attend scheduled meetings with the Assistant Director approximately every 3 weeks throughout the semester.
  • Reply to emails from SULA staff in a timely manner.
  • Send an event summary report following each event. Reports are due by noon on the Monday following the event.
  • Take group photos during events and submit with event summary reports. (Additionally, Student Leaders may be asked to post pictures or stories on the SULA Semester IG account during events.)
  • Documents any event cancellations or no-shows.


  • Be an engaged LA Semester Program participant by attending SULA events and encourage peers to do the same
  • Set-up and monitor SULA Semester Group Facebook page and/ or GroupMe text message
  • Be able to arrive in Los Angeles no later than the weekend prior to Orientation and stay through at least the last day of the semester
  • Assist with other task as needed.


  • It is preferred, but not required, that the Student Leader live at either AVA Toluca Hills or AVA Burbank.
  • It is preferred, but not required, that the Student Leader have a car.


Compensation for services is $1,00.00 for the Fall/Spring and $750 for the Summer. Student Leaders receive payment in three installments near the beginning, middle and end of the semester. Specific payment dates will be provided in the Student Leader contract. Payment is received via Bursar accounts in the form of a Housing Grant.

A student with a zero balance on their Bursar account may request a check from the Bursar’s office.  Students with an outstanding balance, but in good standing and no holds on their account, may be able to request a refund via the Newhouse budget office. If you would like to initiate this please contact Lauren Palius.


Hired Student Leaders must inform and receive approval from the SULA Semester Director prior to accepting another position of regular employment. Internship hours cannot exceed maximum hours set by SULA Semester policy.  In the event that a conflict arises, as determined at the discretion of the SULA Semester Director between another non-academic activity and the Student Leader position, the Student Leader position shall take precedence.


Complete an application here. Contact Laruen Palius, Assistant Director, at or 818-561-7377 with questions.