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Los Angeles

Student Job Opportunites

SULA Semester Event and Social Media Coordinator


As the Event and Social Media Coordinator you will work to develop a sense of community amongst the students and manage the SULA Semester social media accounts.




  • Working with the Assistant Director, plan social activities for the students (hikes, BBQs, museums visits, Dodgers game, miniature golf, etc.) on Saturdays and/or Sundays approximately every two-three weeks during the semester.
  • Organize one community service day during the semester.
  • Facilitate a student meet and greet prior to the Welcome Dinner.
  • Promote events via GroupMe, email, and word of mouth to boost student attendance.
  • Send out and monitor event sign-up sheets.


  • Take photos and videos of students at events.
  • Post to IG Stories during student events.
  • Post IG feed following the student event.
  • Additional posts/ social media tasks as assigned.


  • Attend scheduled meetings with the Assistant Director approximately every 3 weeks.
  • Reply to emails from SULA staff in a timely manner.
  • Send an event summary report following each event along with text for IG post. (Due by 10am on the Monday following the event.)
  • Report any event cancellations or no-shows.


  • It is preferred, but not required, that Event/Social Media Coordinator have a car.


Compensation for services is $1,000.00. Payment is received in three installments near the beginning, middle and end of the semester. Specific payment dates will be provided in the hiring contract. Payment is received via Bursar accounts in the form of a Housing Grant.

A student with a zero balance on their Bursar account may request a check from the Bursar’s office.  Students with an outstanding balance, but in good standing and no holds on their account, may be able to request a refund via the Newhouse budget office. If you would like to initiate this please contact Lauren Palius.



The Event and Social Media Assistant must inform and receive approval from the SULA Semester Director prior to accepting another position of regular employment. Internship hours cannot exceed maximum hours set by SULA Semester policy.  In the event that a conflict arises, as determined at the discretion of the SULA Semester Director between another non-academic activity and the Event and Social Media Assistant, the Event and Social Media Assistant shall take precedence.



Complete an application here. Contact Kayla Omrani, Program Assistant at with resume once you complete application.


Newhouse Reporter


WRITER/PHOTOGRAPHER: As the SULA Semester writer/photographer for the Newhouse Student News Team, you will be assigned to write articles and submit photographs for the Newhouse website and social media accounts. You will be covering events in Los Angeles, interviewing alumni or industry professionals and writing personal essays telling us what it’s like to be a SULA Semester student. You will work closely with SULA Semester director Robin Howard and the Newhouse Communications director, Wendy Loughlin, to decide what articles to write and what photographs to submit. You are always welcome to pitch story ideas if there’s anything going on there that you think might make a fun article. This position pays $17.00 per hour.  Please apply to Wendy Loughlin at with samples of your writing and photography.